How to get a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) in Azerbaijan?
03 Sep

How to get a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) in Azerbaijan?

If you're interested in obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) in Azerbaijan, it's important to know the requirements and procedures involved. Learn more about TRP in Azerbaijan and how to apply for it with our guide.

 What is a temporary residence permit (TRP)?

Temporary residence permit (TRP in Azerbaijan) - is a document, that confirms that its owner is a foreign citizen who has the right to live in Azerbaijan for a certain period of time, freely leave and enter the Republic of Azerbaijan. TRP in Azerbaijan is issued by the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan.

What rights does the TRP give?

Comparing to the temporary registration temporary residence permit gives you a free status for a certain period, you will have more rights and fewer restrictions.



Here is what you can do after obtaining a temporary residence permit in Azerbaijan:

  • Live in Azerbaijan for the entire duration of the TRP.
  • Move freely throughout all the country. After moving to another city of Azerbaijan, you only need to register for migration within 5 days.
  • If you entered Azerbaijan on a visa, now you can cross the border with a passport and a residence permit.
  • Further social benefits will be available to you, you will be able to save a pension.
  • Work without additional permits & licenses (if you applied for TRP on a work basis). Moreover, the status of a temporary residence permit for employers is more attractive than a standart registration.

On what grounds is TRP granted?

Foreigners and stateless persons are issued permit for temporary residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan in the following cases:

  • Being in close relationship with a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Investing at least 500.000 manats in the economy of the country;
  • Possessing a real estate which is worth at least 100.000 manats on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan or funds in the same amount in the banks of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Being a highly qualified specialists in the spheres of economy, industry, defense, science, culture, sports, etc. Specialists included to the category defined by relevant executive authority who have been invited by the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan or juridical persons established in the Republic of Azerbaijan for the purpose of doing works or rendering services in the activity spheres determined by the relevant executive authority;
  • Being a family members of foreigners and stateless persons temporarily or permanently residing on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Holding positions of head or deputy head in the branch or representation of a foreign juridical person in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Holding positions of head or deputy head of juridical person (firms, companies) established in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the founder or at least one of the founders of which is foreign juridical or physical person;
  • Engaging in entrepreneurship activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
    This case is only considered as a ground for issuance of permit for temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, when those persons work actually by concluding labor contract with at least 5 persons on full time employment or 10 persons on part-time employment. In this case, at least 80 percent of the workers are required to be the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Carrying out paid labor activity on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Getting full-time education at the institutions of higher education and technical schools and in case they get education at secondary schools in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Engaging in professional religious activity at officially registered religious institutions;
  • In case there are grounds envisaged by the international agreements of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

How to apply for TRP?

If you stay in Azerbaijan on a temporary staying basis, the question of the deadlines for applying for temporary resident permit is very important, because if you miss the deadlines, your staying is Azerbaijan will be illegal. The deadline for you to apply for a temporary residence permit is 30 (thirty) days before the expiry of the temporary staying.

What documents are required for TRP?

  • Application form sample;
  • Copy of the passport (validity period of passport should be more than 3 months of the expiry date);
  • Notarized copy of the birth certificate or other document equal to it (for persons without a passport who are under the age of 18);
  • Notarized or equally certified document confirming existence of cases justifying issuance of temporary residence permit (You can get the list here);
  • Notarized consent letter of the family member or close relative envisaged by the Articles 45.1.1 (In case they are in close relationship with a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan) and 45.1.5 (In case they are family members of foreigners or stateless persons temporarily or permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan) of the Migration Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan with regard to issuance of a permit for temporary residence to foreigners and stateless persons under cases indicated in those Articles;
  • Reference certifying that the person is not carrier of a virus of any disease included in the list of dangerous infectious diseases approved by the relevant executive authority;  
  • Copy of the document authorizing to temporarily stay or reside in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Justified application by an authority, enterprise or organization inviting (to the Republic of Azerbaijan) foreigners and stateless persons who are highly qualified specialists in the spheres of economy,  industry, military, science, culture, sports & etc.;
  • 2 photos sized 3.5 x 4.5 sm;
  • Document of a residential area where the person shall be registered on (extract on the state registration of the property right from state registry of real estate, rent or tenancy agreement or other similar document);
  • Application of the person providing a foreigner or stateless person with a residential area (except the cases when there is a residential area in possession of the foreigner or stateless person);
  • Copy of the identity document of the person providing the foreigner or stateless person with a residential area;
  •  Receipt certifying payment of the state fee.

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  • ahmad nawaz 2023-09-03 15:55:00

    Salam I want to get trp by investing in your country in realstate please guide me, thanks

    This is one of the really effective ways to get TRP. You can get TRP by investing in your deposit account (min AZN 100,000) in national banks or by buying real estate in Azerbaijan (min AZN 100,000). Vəkil Qulam İsmayılzadə
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    I can help you with TRP in Azerbaijan. You can contact me via WhatsApp. The number is indicated in the upper right corner of the site. Vəkil Qulam İsmayılzadə
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    How much days in trc card process

    Approximately 10 days. Vəkil Qulam İsmayılzadə
  • Muhammad Zahid 2024-02-22 04:10:25

    Hi there this is Zahid I'm currently living dubai and I want to do TRC in Baku to open my small business and I will moving there with family as I m coming on visit visa in April can you help me to do please that would very kind of you I have already drop text on your WhatsApp +971501961642

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    How much fine they will charge to pick trc on due date

    300 manats. Vəkil Qulam İsmayılzadə
  • Sarbjit Singh 2024-04-01 16:03:24

    Dear Sir My name is Sarbjit Singh and I am 53 yrs. old Indian National. I will be visiting Azerbaijan in Baku in last week of April having an E-Visa for tourism purposes. I would like to take your services for further application process towards obtaining temporary residence TRC. on the basis of depositing US$60000 in Azerbaijan bank. Please advise the following 1. How much would be your charges and total time required for obtaining TRC. 2. Is it possible for a visitor coming to Azerbaijan on E-Visa to open a bank account. 3. Once TRC is granted what are the requirements of minimum stay in the country in one year to maintain the residence status. In other words how many maximum days a person can live outside the Azerbaijan in one year after having the TRC. Thanks a lot. Sarbjit Singh 0091-9056701055 Hörmətli cənab Mənim adım Sarbjit Singh və mənim 53 yaşım var. köhnə Hindistan Milli. Aprelin son həftəsində turizm məqsədi ilə elektron vizaya sahib olaraq Bakıda Azərbaycana səfər edəcəyəm. Müvəqqəti yaşamaq üçün TRC əldə etmək üçün əlavə müraciət prosesi üçün xidmətlərinizi götürmək istərdim. Azərbaycan bankında 60000 ABŞ dolları məbləğində əmanət qoyulması əsasında. Zəhmət olmasa aşağıdakıları məsləhət edin 1. Ödənişləriniz və TRC əldə etmək üçün tələb olunan ümumi vaxt nə qədər olacaq. 2. E-Visa ilə Azərbaycana gələn ziyarətçinin bank hesabı açması mümkündürmü? 3. TRC verildikdən sonra yaşayış statusunu saxlamaq üçün bir il ərzində ölkədə minimum qalma tələbləri nələrdir. Başqa sözlə, bir şəxs TRC aldıqdan sonra bir il ərzində Azərbaycandan kənarda maksimum neçə gün yaşaya bilər. çox sağ olun. Sarbjit Singh 0091-9056701055

    Yes, it is possible for allies to open a bank account in Azerbaijan. You will be here for at least 90 days out of the last 180. Vəkil Qulam İsmayılzadə
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    I am British/iranian, currently living in Iran. Can I open a personal account in Baku with my British pass. If so, what are the conditions, duration, any deposit and documents? Best Ali

    Yes you can. You need a passport and find a suitable bank here. Vəkil Qulam İsmayılzadə

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