Legal services

  • Reclamation of debt (based on an annual percentage rate of the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic)
  • Reclamation of money by the way of recourse
  • Reclamation of the amount, unpaid by an insurance company, for an insurance case
  • Reclamation of pecuniary damage, caused by flooding of an apartment and other damage of property
  • Reclamation of non-pecuniary damage, caused by outrage, slander, and damage of business reputation
  • Reclamation of damage, caused by a traffic accident

Apostille is needed to be obtained to submit foreign documents to the relevant state authorities (authorization is for the states which are not the members of the Convention, "abolishing the requirement of authorization of foreign official documents").

Apostille is an international certification of information about the legality of a document, enabling it to be presented in the territory of the countries which recognize such form of authorization.

Recognition of international diplomas in the territory of Azerbaijan after graduation abroad (for example Great Britain, the USA) often causes difficulties. Undergoing the nostrification procedure is needed for this purpose.

Nostrification is a procedure of recognition of educational documents (diploma, secondary school diploma, certificate, etc.) of foreign countries.


Mortgage. Mortgage contract and its legal consequences. 

Do you wish to buy an apartment or other real estate in Baku, but you don’t know whether or not it really belongs to the seller? Do you doubt the quality and reliability of the real estate you are purchasing?

Let those questions not bother you anymore. Your attorney will obtain all necessary detailed information for you.

  • Eviction and Resettlement
  • Registration of real estate ownership in Azerbaijan (lands, apartments, houses, objects, and others);
  • Purchase of apartments in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan, as well as the purchase of lands (government, private and municipal), houses, and other real estate objects;
  • Consulting international citizens and the local population on rent (real estate in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan), leasing and purchase issues;
  • Assistance in obtaining information about real estate objects (encumbrance, asset freeze, absence of rights, and others) from State Register of Real Estate;
  • The appeal of acts and decisions of the State Service for Property Issues, the State Register of Real Estate and the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture; 
  • Unfreezing moveable assets and real estate; 
  • Eliminating obstacles preventing land from usage;
  • Legal support for eviction and resettlement of a debtor;
  • Compilation of applications and legal support of property sale via auction;

It is extremely important to understand that a contract, drafted correctly, may help you to prevent future disputes. Not only a deep knowledge of legal norms but also extensive experience are important in drafting such a contract.

  • If sometime after concluding a contract with any company or citizen, you reveal that you were deceived, you may address to a professional attorney and dispute the invalidity or the termination of the contract at a court.
  • The compilation, analysis, and legal consultation on civil and commercial agreements (sales, rent, contract, leasing, borrow, mortgage, loan, and so on)
  • Attendance and discussion with the opposite party of the terms of the concluded contract;
  • Disputing lawfulness and efficacy of deals and agreements in case of unfairness, bankruptcy, and insolvency.

Taking into account the latest news in Azerbaijan, the pandemic of COVID-19 has amended the migration process. For prevention purposes and to decrease the risk of contamination with the virus, President Ilham Aliyev, the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, as well as the Milli Majlis (the Parliament) have adopted series of norms considerably restricting this procedure.

Hence, how to get a residence permit or permanent residency in the shortest time and where to address it? How many days it is possible to stay in Baku without registration? How to dispute the decision of the government authorities to get the necessary result?

You may find the responses to all these questions! Do not forget to consult with an attorney.

  • Legal support and consultation on migration procedures (immigration/emigration)
  • Registration of international citizens in Azerbaijan at their location or a place of their residence
  • Obtaining and extending work permission and permission for entrepreneurship activity
  • Documentation of residence permit and permanent residency for foreigners and the persons without citizenship
  • Disputing the acts and the decisions of the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan and the State Border Service of Azerbaijan juridically
  • Drafting documents and applying to relevant government authorities to obtain a visa (including ASAN Viza).

How to establish a firm and start your own business? What steps should be taken? What taxes are there in Azerbaijan? How international companies may optimize their tax expenditures? How does the tax system in Azerbaijan look like and which tax regime is the most suitable for your activity? What is the VAT interest rate in Azerbaijan?

  • Registration of legal entities in Azerbaijan, opening of affiliates  and representations, as well as tax registration of physical entities;
  • Consultation on tax issues and assist in the choice of advantageous tax regime (VAT, simplified tax, income tax, etc.) 
  • Support in processing ASAN imza (signature) and drafting constituent documents of a firm (statement, decision, statute, protocol, etc.);
  • Consulting and legal support of the purchase of a ready-made business;
  • Assistance in carrying desk audits and field tax audits, defending entrepreneur interests;
  • Attending the negotiations with the counterparties of a firm; 
  • Applying to the Tax Service (former Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan), the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Emergencies, and other government authorities to obtain licenses and other permissions to be engaged in special activities;  
  • Disputing the decisions of government authorities about amercement, blocking accounts and other penalties (as well as prosecution);

Representation of the person in the authorities of the investigation and preliminary investigation (the police, prosecutor's office etc.);

When a person is convicted (for committing a crime) and detained by the police (here the police means all investigation and preliminary investigation authorities), he/she has the right to be provided by an attorney immediately. When the detained person is not able to use this right, it may lead to violation of his/her right of defense and additional accusations may be brought against him/her.

As a criminal law attorney, I am committed to protecting the rights of my clients and helping them navigate the complex legal system. I work tirelessly to analyze the facts of each case, identify legal defenses, and develop a strategic plan of action. I have helped numerous individuals achieve successful outcomes in a wide range of criminal cases, including DUIs, drug offenses, assault, theft, and domestic violence. If you are facing criminal charges, contact me to get the legal representation you need to defend your future.

When you consider the decisions of a court of the Azerbaijan Republic to be unfair, you may complain about it to the European Court of Human Rights. As a complaint to the European Court has a special form and requires special knowledge, it should be drafted by a professional attorney.

High-class representation of the interests of Azerbaijani citizens, international citizens, and the persons with no citizenship at trial court (district, urban, administrative, commercial, etc.), appeal court, and cassation court, as well as:

  • representing the interests of physical and legal entities in administrative authorities (the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Customs, the Border Service, etc.), protection of their rights and interests
  • administrative disputing of the acts of a government authority
  • protection from unauthorized interference of government authority
  • representing the interests of citizens, related to the execution of court decisions, in executing bodies
  • lodging complaints and applying to the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan and the European Court of Human Rights. 

Certainly, everyone, who graduated from a university and desired to apply their knowledge in practice, asked the question “How to find a job in Baku?". 

What should you do if you were illegally dismissed as an employee? What should you do if, as an employer, you don’t know how to behave with a guilty employee? Don’t you know how to maintain personnel records, what is the pension qualification age in Azerbaijan, and how to submit a report to the Pension Fund of Azerbaijan? What is the minimum subsistence in Azerbaijan?

Employment law services in Azerbaijan that I offer to my clients:

  • Searching for and hiring employees for a relevant position (recruiting);
  • Drafting and processing labor contract with an employee;
  • Strategic planning of the activity of a company in the sphere of human resources (official registration of the structure of an enterprise, drafting orders and agreements about financial responsibility, etc.)
  • Consulting in accordance with the Labour Code of Azerbaijan on any issue, arising during production (calculation and payment of salaries, holiday payments, getting  injuries, calculation of pension in Azerbaijan);
  • Outsourcing in providing services (HR audit, conduction of job interviews, etc.)