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Creating and dissolution of companies
16 Oct

Creating and dissolution of companies

Creating and dissolution of companies

How to establish a firm and start your own business? What steps should be taken? What taxes are there in Azerbaijan? How international companies may optimize their tax expenditures? How does the tax system in Azerbaijan look like and which tax regime is the most suitable for your activity? What is the VAT interest rate in Azerbaijan?

  • Registration of legal entities in Azerbaijan, opening of affiliates  and representations, as well as tax registration of physical entities;
  • Consultation on tax issues and assist in the choice of advantageous tax regime (VAT, simplified tax, income tax, etc.) 
  • Support in processing ASAN imza (signature) and drafting constituent documents of a firm (statement, decision, statute, protocol, etc.);
  • Consulting and legal support of the purchase of a ready-made business;
  • Assistance in carrying desk audits and field tax audits, defending entrepreneur interests;
  • Attending the negotiations with the counterparties of a firm; 
  • Applying to the Tax Service (former Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan), the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Emergencies, and other government authorities to obtain licenses and other permissions to be engaged in special activities;  
  • Disputing the decisions of government authorities about amercement, blocking accounts and other penalties (as well as prosecution);

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