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Disputes related with contract and deals
16 Oct

Disputes related with contract and deals

Disputes related with contract and deals

It is extremely important to understand that a contract, drafted correctly, may help you to prevent future disputes. Not only a deep knowledge of legal norms but also extensive experience are important in drafting such a contract.

  • If sometime after concluding a contract with any company or citizen, you reveal that you were deceived, you may address to a professional attorney and dispute the invalidity or the termination of the contract at a court.
  • The compilation, analysis, and legal consultation on civil and commercial agreements (sales, rent, contract, leasing, borrow, mortgage, loan, and so on)
  • Attendance and discussion with the opposite party of the terms of the concluded contract;
  • Disputing lawfulness and efficacy of deals and agreements in case of unfairness, bankruptcy, and insolvency.

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