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Complaining to European Court
17 Oct

Complaining to European Court

Complaining to European Court

When you consider the decisions of a court of the Azerbaijan Republic to be unfair, you may complain about it to the European Court of Human Rights. As a complaint to the European Court has a special form and requires special knowledge, it should be drafted by a professional attorney.

High-class representation of the interests of Azerbaijani citizens, international citizens, and the persons with no citizenship at trial court (district, urban, administrative, commercial, etc.), appeal court, and cassation court, as well as:

  • representing the interests of physical and legal entities in administrative authorities (the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Customs, the Border Service, etc.), protection of their rights and interests
  • administrative disputing of the acts of a government authority
  • protection from unauthorized interference of government authority
  • representing the interests of citizens, related to the execution of court decisions, in executing bodies
  • lodging complaints and applying to the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan and the European Court of Human Rights. 

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